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I have a soft spot for campsites on top of mountains and telling stories through a lens.

When behind the camera I feel most myself. It's an extension of me and my natural ability to tune into the environment around me. 

Similarly, moving into the process as an editor allows me to fine-tune moments captured and fully bring a piece to life. 

I feel most inspired when watching documentaries that bring me into another life. I feel equally thrilled by a shaky shot following a human through their city's lit-up night streets as the expansive drone shot that captures the tiny spec of a human scaling the side of a massive mountain without the help a rope.

I have worked as an assistant editor and editor for many well regarded agencies and brands in Portland, OR and Los Angeles, CA. 

In addition to the many film projects I've hopped on over the years, including filming for Portland's  adored sushi and ramen restaurant, Afuri, I have been working on a personal documentary for the past 7 years. 

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